Let's Find Your
Dream Home
In Spain

Let's Find Your
Dream Home
In Spain

Easily and confidently with our 1-2-1 Property Finding Service

Easily and confidently with our 1-2-1 Property Finding Service

Find your happily ever after with Ideal Casa. Pick and choose the service that you want. We make it simple to find the exact home that you are dreaming of.


Imagine if you were living in Spain, feeling the Mediterranean sun on your skin everyday. You have an improved and healthier lifestyle, surrounded by natural beauty, and with access to some of the best beaches in the world.

The slower pace of life here will allow you to relax and take in the beauty around you – with days spent dining al fresco in the sunshine, enjoying the laid back atmosphere.

The weather in Spain is great. Mild Winters and longer days mean that you can say goodbye to the Winter blues.

The cost of living is significantly lower in Spain compared to many other countries. This makes your hard earned money go much further. You’ll have access to world class healthcare as well as a vibrant cultural and social scene.


Researching the best places to move to can be an overwhelming task. Not only do you need to gain a deep understanding of the local market conditions and pricing but you also need to find the right type of accommodation for your budget and lifestyle. Then there are the different visa options if you are moving here from outside the EU.

Thinking of such hurdles can be discouraging and may leave you feeling uncertain and unprepared. We, at Ideal Casa, understand the complexities and anxieties the come from moving abroad as we have experienced them ourselves. That is why we are here to help – to provide support so you have peace of mind throughout the process.


Stop the endless scrolling and see beyond what the agents want you to see.   We work as a buyers agent – we are fully on your side.

Traditional agents work on sales commission so it is in their interests to keep prices high and to show you only properties at or above your top budget. 

We work differently, we work on a fixed fee basis across the whole of Spain, including Canaries and Balearics.  We search for the best properties at the best prices so that you don’t have to.  

If you are considering Almeria and Murcia we provide a FREE search of around 1000 properties

We present you with options and chat them through with you.  You get clickable links to digest them in your own time.

The fixed fee property search is open ended.  We keep searching to your specification until you say stop, we run out of options.

Personal Property Tours

When we arrived we went on viewings with many agents, soon all the homes blurred into one and we forgot which agent was which.   With a personally property tour guide you have just one person to liaise with and who will help you record your thoughts and feelings about each property.


They know the area and have been in your shoes so can point out challenges or reassure you that things can be overcome depending on the situation.  They are like your best friend or older brother/sister, to help you make the right decision.

All viewings are arranged for you and transport agreed.

No need to give your contact details to pushy agents, we can handle that Take things at your pace and get all of your questions answered.

Property Purchase Pack

If you are committed to finding your perfect property and have a timescale in mind, this service (with the possible addition of Property Tour Guide days) is the one for you.

Book a property purchase pack at the outset and get a free property search.  Pay an initial deposit and the balance only when “the one” is found.

Once you have found your perfect property you need to check the paperwork, understand the process, know how and when to pay what and get everything in order.

Then the really exciting bit happens – making an offer.

We can negotiate on your behalf and do a preliminary check of the paperwork prior to any deposit being paid and prior to instructing your lawyer,  Best to be safe than sorry.

There are times and places where big discounts can be achieved & others where an asking price offer is needed to secure the property that you have fallen in love with.  Our contacts and expertise allow us to know which is which.

We always aim to save you far more than the fee we charge.  The fee is fixed based on your budget level. 

Once an offer has been agreed we stay by your side as the sale goes through.  Here to answer any questions, liaise between the agent and lawyer, anything to help things go smoothly.

You will also have access to our network of professionals for other services such as visas, healthcare, removals and more.  Free of charge and we don’t take commission from the people we recommend to you.

Property Search

We keep searching until you say stop or we run out of options.



Personal Property Tour​

Fun, memorable and relaxed viewings with one point of contact

€180 per day  


Property Purchase Pack​

All you need to buy property confidently in Spain.

 From €2,500


All prices plus IVA at 21% (like VAT or sales tax)


I wish we’d known about your service. We have lost loads of money and are taking an agent to court as they lied to us about a property
by Freya
I wish I’d known about your service, it took me three purchases and sales to find a property where I truly feel at home. It’s cost me a fortune.
by Lynda
I feel so much better having spoken to you
by Julie
A really friendly knowledgeable service. I feel safe in your hands
by Caroline
I am very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge Belén has shown me.
by Rita Roy
Home buyer
You know so much about property in Spain and I love how you give written agreements for everything that you say that you will do.
by Karen
I am a real estate agent who has known Belén. Her professionalism and honesty is unmatched
by Kalye Moore
Real Estate Agent


Book a chat. This will be a no obligation, no sales pitch chat. In it – usually done via video call, we
will chat about what you are looking for and your budget.

We will advise if we think your ideas are doable, agree a property specification or list of viewings in
writing. We get cracking to help you find the one.
Give you the keys

You move to Spain and live happily ever after.

Choose which parts you need -
we work with rental searches too.

Upgrade from property search to Property purchase pack at any stage. 

Remember you get a free property search if you book the property purchase pack at the outset, it’s the same initial cost too.

  • All done on your timeline and your budget.
  • Signposting you to any other services or help that you might need.
  • Our fixed fees also mean that we will show you any property that meets your needs, not just those at
    the top end of your budget


Ideal Casa was founded by me, Helen Llewellyn. I have a background in financial services and therapy/coaching. When I moved to Spain 5 years ago I wondered if I had dropped through a timewarp to the lack of customer care and service of the 1990’s.

Estate agency isn’t regulated here, you need your wits about you, as I know from personal
experience. I can tell you my stories of agents not exactly helping me as a buyer when we chat.

Throughout my whole career my focus has always been on the client rather than the sale. I now
bring this to estate agency.

Truth and honesty are our core values.


  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by the range of property available
  • You’re worried about being pushed into something that isn’t right for you 
  • You can’t face push agents 
  • You have a busy life and would prefer someone else to take the strain 
  • You don’t know where to start in finding the right area never mind the right propert


  • Your best friend or sister etc is an agent and you want to work with them
  • You prefer to do your own research and do things your way
  • You aren’t interested in talking to people who can help you avoid pitfalls
  • You are thinking of moving in more than 3 years time.

You might like our Borrow my Brain sessions though. Ask us anything for 60 mins, no sales pitch guarantee


Make Moving to Spain simple

Discover an easy and enjoyable way to find the perfect home in Spain. Our real estate experts evaluate potential properties, providing you with all the information that you need to confidently choose and buy.

Find your new home, stress free

Discover an easy and enjoyable way to find the perfect home in Spain. Our real estate experts evaluate potential properties, providing you with all the information that you need to confidently choose and buy.

Choose the right area first time

Spain is a big country with a surprisingly varied climate and feel. We work with you to establish your tastes and preferences so that you look for property in the best place for you.

Clear Fee structure

We make sure that our clients are informed about our fee structure in writing, at the outset. This helps to clarify expectations from both sides and helps us to help you in the most efficient manner.

Let’s Go!

Don’t Quite see what you want?

private client

Apply to be a private client and we will build a package for you. Perfect for VIP treatment or where you need to buy or rent urgently.


Or perhaps you just want a chat about whether moving to Spain is practical and whether you would like it.

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