Property Sales Spain

Stormy skies at sunset over a busy Spanish city

Property Purchase in Spain – what could go wrong?

Buying property is easy - what could go wrong? Buying property is easy, if you know what you are doing or have great professionals looking out for your interests and explaining things along the way. The property purchase process is slightly different in Spain compared to many other countries.  This is how it works in brief.        1. Reserve deposit - usually non refundable to take it off the...


The Indalo – a symbol of fortune for Almeria

Spend any time in Almeria and you will not fail to come across the Indalo. The symbol, synonymous with the region, appearing to show a human figure holding a rainbow in its arms, spreading over its head. The Indalo, the official symbol of Almeria, is based on a Bronze Age magical symbol found in the cave of ‘Los Letreros’ in Sierra de Maria-Los Velez Natural Park, in Almeria. The markings found in...

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