Moving to Spain can seem daunting.  So much to think about.  Timeframes, visas, is it right for you, where to live, getting a good deal, settling in.

That’s why we have created a range of services to support you.  Choose from the options below or message us if you have other questions or requirments.

Already in Spain and looking to sell?  We can help you too.  We offer property appraisals and staging to sell fast.

Property finding is an art.  More than just trawling the internet.  It is about you and what feels like home for you.

By working with us you will buy the right property for you, at the right price.  

We have seen so many people buy what they thought they wanted only to sell again quickly which costs a lot of money.

Trust us to save you time, money and find the perfect home you have been dreaming of.

Just like on A Place in the Sun your property search tends to evolve as you get to know places and properties.  

Borrow my brain session: 60 mins

Ask anything about moving to Spain, living in Spain or property.

Perfect for gatering information or answering all those questions which you think may be daft (they’re not).

This is an informal chat so you can ask whatever you like and add things in as you go.   We will answer everything we can.  If we don’t know we will find someone who does.

Think of this as your Answer to Every Question You Have

No sales pitch guaranteed


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