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Cortijo v Villa, which is your favourite? 

 There are pros and cons of each.  Villas are neat and modern looking.  Cortijos are by their very nature rustic inside and out and can be a bit higgledy piggledy.  Villas can have thin walls with little or no insulation so consider if it will be too hot in the Summer or cold in the Winter.  Cortijos are made of stone, mud, concrete even bedrock.  They are great at keeping the same temperature year round.

  • Central heating is not common, a log burner or pellet burner work well. 
  • We include floorplans as often as possible to help you visualise how you might live in your new home as most properties have a good deal of flexibility.
  • Pool or no pool?  If you are a keen swimmer or will have regular visitors who like a pool then Yes get a property with a pool.  If neither apply many people say that a pool is a bit of an expensive luxury so up to you.

If you’re not sure which you would like get in touch and we’ll help you.


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