How to make buying property in Spain as easy as buying a loaf of bread

Buying property in Spain isn’t difficult.  It really can be as easy as buying a loaf of bread.  If you know what you are doing and if you take some responsibility for finding out information.  That can be by doing your own homework or paying someone else to do it for you.  You then have a contract with them and they owe you a duty of care.  Working just with the sellers agent is not the same.

You how sometimes it is easier to describe how to do something by first describing how not to?  This is one of those situations, I will tell you  Lucia’s story and we will then look at how things could have been so different for her.

Lucia got in touch yesterday, by expressing interest in a property that I have for sale. Naturally, I called her to find out more about her situation and to see if a viewing would be appropriate.


Spanish farmhouse in need of reform against a blue sky


After initial pleasantries, Lucia told me that she had put down a deposit on another property which she has fallen in love with as it’s perfect. However – you can guess at the tone that’s coming next. However, the solicitor was working for the agent and the agent couldn’t say how much land was available with the property – could be 8,000 sq metres, could be 30,000 or maybe 27,000. Nor could they confirm the plots.

So Lucia thinks she might pop in to that agent and get her money back despite being due to move in in three weeks. Note the might.

So I agree best to walk away if you cannot get a straight answer.


How can I help?

Lucia goes on to say how the property she loves is detached. I get a word in and say, the property of mine you like isn’t detached. She says she needs at least 8,000 sq metres of land. I point out that this one has just 750 sq metres. Someone hasn’t read the description or asked the right questions…

Next I am asked if I can find others that might be detached, with 8,000 sq metres of land and priced at around €65,000 near a popular Expat town. I hesitate and say “maybe, would you be happy to take on a renovation project?” Oh yes she says, we can change a kitchen or a bathroom.

The property she enquired about needs full plumbing, electrical, windows, doors etc etc and it says so.

Lack of responsibility

I explain again that this house isn’t detached and doesn’t have lots of land. Lucia asks if I can find others – maybe I say, I do work as a property finder too. Good she says and goes to hang up. I go on to explain that a property finder works for the buyer so will prevent the sort of situation that she is currently encountered and looks at all agents and portals. There is a fee for this professional service.

I can hear her gasp as I mention “fee”. Oh no I don’t want to pay for anything. Hmmm lesson not learnt then. I hadn’t even got to the amount…

So what could Lucia have done differently:

  • Read the property description and then ask if more land is available and whether it is detached.
  • Checked how much land was available with the original purchase before putting a deposit down
  • Used a solicitor (abogado or sometimes a gestor in Spanish) of her own choosing rather than the one recommended by the selling agent
  • Not ask someone to spend time working for free.
  • Have a more realistic expectation on what is available for her budget.


More on this last point in another blog.  Suffice it to say that if you find a property within 45 mins of the coast that is detached, with land and in a reasonable condition requiring only a minor refit for €65,000 there is probably something wrong with it.  Could be structural or with the paperwork.

If you haven’t got time to do your own homework and learn what paperwork should be in place and why work with me as a property finder. You are likely to save money and have a better purchase experience.  Just as buying bread can vary from buying the cheap loaf which has been squashed and is almost stale or from the best Artisan bakery, property purchase services vary too.

Our property finding and purchase service is more the aritsan bakery sort.  Check out the website for more information

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