Is it really cheaper to live in Spain?

Lee reached his hand into his pocket, he only found a few coins yet had to pay for a few beers.  Fingers twitching and curling round those coins he brought them out and handed them over.


A moment later the bar man handed him his change.  Lee felt the now familiar feeling of proudness fill his chest.


Only a month ago the same round would have needed notes not coins.  Now that he lives in Spain he is thrilled with the amount of cost savings on day to day life.


Lee is particularly proud to be mortgage free at the age of 48 and have a cool €50,000 in the bank.  His friends can barely imagine the feeling of freedom that would give them.  So Lee jokes about it regularly with them.  After all if he can do it his mates could.  Especially with a bit of help to check that it would be the right move for them.  


This is what I do for people – give them a breath of fresh air and a feeling of contentment as they save a fortune and enjoy life to the full.  Get in touch if you would like to be more Lee.


Buying property is easy, buying the right one not so much.  Moving to Spain isn’t right for everyone.  That’s why we offer pre sales coaching.  I want you to love life and where you live as much as I do.  Maybe that is in Spain and maybe not..


Get definite with your goals, if you want to feel liberated and content.


There is property available for all budgets and all tastes.  Only last week I saw a spacious, light and airy townhouse with stunning views from the roof terrace.  You could imagine being an Eagle and soaring over the three streets between you and the mountains.  Asking price just €45,000.  It even comes with a bunch of furniture which could be upcycled to look modern and contemporary.


Or maybe you fancy a Cortijo with all of the traditiinal features yet fully modernised.  Whitewashed walls with splashes of colour.  Pink Bouganvilla climbing the wall and warm earthy colours on the inside.  This could be yours for €159,950. It even has a garden planted with a wide variety of fruit and olives. 


You can of course spend more, if you wish. There really is something for everyone and your money really does go further in Spain.


The knack to making your money work for you long term is to consider how you want to live.  Will you want to work?  Will you take up new hobbies?  It is the living costs that can make things more expensive than you planned.  Few people can afford to live as though life is one long holiday.  Eating out is cheaper here.  If you are single you may well find that cofee and a few tapas is more economical and more fun than cooking for yourself but do you want to go out every day?  If you do, factor in ease of travel.

Think ahead too.  Where or how do you think you will be in 5 years and 10 years ahead.  Property can take a while to sell so it is best to get things right for as long a time period as possible.

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