What is the Weather like in Almeria?

Storm clouds gather over a view of a beach with sea and large white stones on the beach

Almeria province is renowned for being one of the sunniest places in Spain.  It has over 330 days of sunshine each year.  This may sound too good to be true but I can assure that it has been the case for the last 4 years.  Locals and friends who have been here longer than me say that it is true for most if not all of the last 20 years.  So perhaps the rain does stay on the plain, as the old rhyme says.


Hills and Mountains

The area to the North and West of Albox where we are based is mountainous with foot hills increasing in size.  Albox itself is c460m above sea level.  Driving up from the coast takes only 40 minutes and you barely notice the climb, it’s very subtle.  The mountains go up to 1500m or more.  For UK readers Snowdon is 1,085 metres.  For US readers Mount Washington is 1917 metres.

The mountains and hills make for beautiful views.  The clouds and shadows show up the contours of the hills in fabulous contrast

Yellow chair in the foreground is striking against black railings and a stormy view behind

Rainfall in Almeria Levante

The North eastern part of Almeria is called Almeria Levante, look out for this term in weather forecasts.  It covers a lot of mountain and hill ranges so weather can change quickly and be pretty dramatic.  When it rains it often rains hard. We can have six inches of rain within 24 hours.  You’ll see big storm drains when you drive around here, they are needed when the big rains come.  This means that the rivers and ramblas quickly fill.  Many roads cross ramblas or the opposite, ramblas are used as roads.   As you can imagine the water has to go somewhere.  So it flows into the rivers and ramblas.  A rambla, technically is a valley which is used as a rain water collection channel – nature chooses, this is not man made drainage.  So the ramblas can become rivers

How high do these rambla rivers get?

Firstly, don’t let this idea of ramblas flooding, worry you.  Houses are built on higher ground.  The ramblas are quickly graded and made good as roads once the rain stops.  Usually within 24 hours.  Here, where I live we have a rambla below us.   It didn’t run at all for 18 months but now has flowed twice within a week.  The first time at about 2 feet (40 cms) and yesterday 6 inches (15 cm).  Within 24 hours the flow had stopper.  Within 24 hours or so after the rambla stopped running tractors and diggers had levelled it again and it was driveable

Do I need a 4×4 vehicle

So, with all this talk of dramatic weather and ramblas turning into rivers you might think that you need a serious 4×4 to live here.  You don’t.  Or most people don’t.  An ordinary car or SUV is fine.  We have a Peugeot estate and have no trouble using that, even on the ramblas and country roads amongst hills and mountains.  A SUV gives you a bit more ground clearance and you might like the drivers viewpoint more.


The sun comes out almost every day.  We also have longer day lengths in the Winter than other places more Northerly.  That has a massive feel good factor, especially in December and January.  May to October sees temperatures at around 26-32 degrees centigrade.  June to September it will most probably be 30 degrees plus.  Often there are a few weeks of 35 plus with night time temperatures only reducing to 23 degrees c, sometimes warmer.  Maintaining your home temperature by using blinds or shutters is crucial.  We’ll cover that in another blog.

BBQ’s are possible all year.  During the Summer months you will want some shaded areas as heat can quickly build up in paved areas.

Coastal areas and Inland

The coast is only a 35 minute drive away from Albox.  This is on traffic free roads that are great quality.   The coastal towns themselves will be busy in July and August but go during the week or late afternoon if you prefer to avoid crowds.  In the Summer the temperatures will be cooler but much more humid at the coast.  The difference is often 5 degrees or more, but its easier to bear heat when it’s dry.  If you’ve ever been to Singapore or Central America/Caribbean you will know what humid heat feels like.Dry heat is more your Mexico or Morocco.

In Winter it is warmer at the coast than inland.  Inland above 1000 metres will often see some snow.  Lower than that and it is very unlikely and even less likely to stick.


The warmth, light and days filled with sunshine are exactly what we like.  So we choose to live in the foothills of the mountains.  This way we have lovely views, fabulous tracks to use and are a 10 minute drive from the main town of Albox.  We keep an eye on the weather (the British stereotype of being fixated on weather may just be true!) and love the occasional drama of a thunderstorm.

If you are a nature lover or sun worshiper you will love it here too.  With our experience of the local areas we can advise you on which towns, villages and areas will be best for your tastes.  Check out our latest properties here https://idealcasa.net/properties-for-sale-in-spain/

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