Who needs a property finder when all properties are on the internet

You might wonder if anyone ever needs a property finder when “all” properties are on the internet.

In this article we will look at why the art of property finding is becoming very popular.  We will also consider what makes a good property finder.  Could doing it yourself be better for you?  Read on to find out.

  • Why you might need a property finder?
  • Tell me more, what is a property finder?
  • How does a good property finder work?
  • What should you expect to pay a property finder?
  • Why use a property finder instead of an estate agent?
  • Can I do it myself?

If you are considering moving to Spain from another country a property finder can save you loads of time as well as be an invaluable source of knowledge.  What you see on tv is, most likely, just a snapshot of parts of Spain.  Spain is a large and diverse country.  Weather, facilities and transport links vary.   One town may be an expat community vastly outnumbering the locals yet the next one over may have retained its local people and character. A property finder will be able to answer all of these questions for you, even before you talk properties.   Finding the right area and location is crucial to your happiness.

Properties are online – why do I need a property finder?

It is true that many many properties are listed online.  Often on portals like Kyero.com or Idealista.com but not all by any means. Even then, can you spot a bargain from an illegal home? You certainly find your perfect property yourself, especially if you have plenty of time and are happy to research and understand what correct property paperwork looks like.  If you are moving on a NLV visa you may be stuck for time or feel overwhelmed by the choices.  Maybe organising or making decisions just isn’t your strong point.  A property finder will help you with all of this.

It’s more than just property

A good property finder will help you to tune in to how you want your overall lifestyle to be.  They can help you identify areas and house types that will work best.   Many estate agents are reluctant to advise and often use a scattergun approach when it comes to showing people property.  Show them loads, something might work – even when it’s not anywhere near what you asked for.   A property finder will listen and tailor their approach to you.  They will be open and honest which sadly we cannot say will always happen with an estate agent, even in this day and age.  Things work differently in Spain.

What’s the difference between an estate agent and a property finder?

An estate agent is paid by the seller to sell a house.  The amount that they are paid is usually based on commission so the higher the sales price the more money they get.   That’s not so good when you are a buyer and want to get as big a discount as you can.   When the property market is buoyant an estate agent can come across as being uninterested or unhelpful if you are asking questions when you aren’t ready to buy.  Or have a request that is a little out of the ordinary or takes time.  A property finder works for you the buyer. They work with the sellers agent (the estate agent)

How much does a property finder cost?

Prices do vary.   Some operate on a % basis based on the purchase price.  At Idea lCasa we prefer fixed fees as we can then push for as big a discount as possible with no repercussions on our earnings.  Your happiness is our aim.  We grow based on referrals and word of mouth.

If you are in your super early days of researching whether Spain is right for you and which area you might like our Borrow My Brain sessions where you get an hour of our time for anything you like.   We can answer questions, we can include research and property finding – it’s your choice.

Ready to buy?  Our full property purchase pack may be the best thing for you.   We assist in finding the perfect property then negotiate on your behalf and stay on hand to ease the purchase process and get you settled in with a Welcome pack.  The Welcome pack includes where to find key things, useful phone numbers and some suggestions on local bars and restaurants to try out.

We also have an unlimited property search option – we keep on hunting for you, until you tell us to stop for one fixed fee.  Valid for a year.

How does a good property finder work?

A good property finder always starts by getting to know their clients, usually in a phone or video call.  By asking about how you like to live we can begin to piece together your ideal area and property.   By getting you to imagine how it would feel and what you can see and smell in your new property we can get a feel for your preferences.   A specification sheet is then prepared which will show the parameters we are looking for and include our commitment to find you a good selection.  If we are unable to find properties to fit your specification there is a no quibble full refund guarantee.

Once you have viewed the first selection we talk to you again to see which bits you like, which you love and which you hate.  If we have hit the jackpot with the first selection, brilliant.  If not we fine tune our pencil and search again, bringing you properties that suit your specification on a regular basis.

It’s a two way process, a bit like a tailor making a made to measure suit.  It’s important how things look and feel.  


A property finder works for a buyer.  Yes you can do it yourself, if you really want to.  Using a property finder will save you loads of time, hassle and potentially money too.  A property finder looks for properties with a professional eye and is likely to spot problems – no heating, tin roofs that will be freezing or boiling depending on the season or goat farms nearby which will smell and increase the number of flies.   It’s all too easy to get caught up in the romance of a house that looks pretty on screen.  Then an estate agent does their thing and before you know it you’ve put down a deposit on a house.

Do things in your own timeframe and with someone who has your back – use a property finder.

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